HCP AFC – Series  Cutter Impeller Sewage and Wastewater pumps


Submersible sewage pumps for permanent and portable installation in residential, commercial and agricultural sewage applications.


The C – Series pumps are fitted with cutter impellers to facilitate pumping of water containing large solids. The impeller runs on a serrated suction cover, which facilitates the “cutting” up of large solids.

  • These heavy duty cast iron pumps are suitable for portable and permanent installation in waste water and sewage applications
  • Double permanently lubricated mechanical seal (Carbon/Ceramic, Silicone Carbide/Silicone Carbide) The seal is located in the oil housing and runs independently from the pumped product.
  • Nitrile rubber “O”- rings and gaskets.
  • Pumps can be installed on quick coupling devices (duck foot bend) to facilitate easy installation and service
  • High efficiency, 2 or 4 pole dry motor.
  • All HCP pumps are fitted with a motor protector “auto cut” thermal device. The auto-cut protector is a mechanical thermal switch that cuts power to the electric motor in the event of a power surge, lock rotor, phase failure and overloading. The switch automatically restarts the motor once the temperature inside the motor drops to 60-70°C
  • An adaptor bracket can be fitted to the pump discharge to facilitate the installation on Flygt, ABS, Grundfos, Ebara and Tsurumi duck foot bends