TORO Vacuum-assisted self-priming pumps are available for clean and solid laden pumping applications. We have Low head-High Flow, Medium and High Head pumps.

The TORO Vacuum pump allows for unattended priming of centrifugal pumps. The mechanically driven diaphragm pump is designed to evacuate maximum 50Cfm of air with maximum vacuum of 25~26 inches of mercury while running at 1100RPM.

Our pumps feature a Silicon Carbide vs Tungsten carbide mechanical seal with dry run protection. An oil reservoir supplies lubricant to the mechanical seal.

Standard Materials of Construction:

Pump casing : Ductile Iron

Impeller : Stainless steel

Shaft : Stainless steel

Mechanical Seal : Silicone Carbide vs Tungsten Carbide


Other material options are available on request***