TORO Vacuum Assisted Priming System

INSTANT-PRIME® These pump sets can be fitted with two types of priming systems. The preferred option being the 50cfm single acting diaphragm pump or the EPV rotary vane vacuum pump. Instant-Prime® pumps set a new bench-mark of vacuum assisted priming pumps.

Vacuum Pump Specifications:

Single Acting Diaphragm Pump

Air capacity: 50Cfm

Priming Time : +/- 8-10 Seconds

  • Pump speed @ 1100rpm
  • Based on a 6 Inch pump with a 6m x 250mm long suction pipe.

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump (EPV)

Air Capacity : 112CFM

Vacuum : +/- 8m

Priming Time : +/- 4 Seconds**

  • *At engine speed 2200rpm
  • *Based on a 6 Inch pump with a 10” x 250mm long suction pipe


  • Eco Friendly Vacuum Priming System
  • Driven from the main pump shaft

TORO Pumps self-priming system has extraordinary features like large air process capability, high vacuum low operation temperature, maintenance free, oil and mechanical seal free.

P-S-P Auto Switch System (Prime-Idle-Prime)

The EVP system will be switched to idle status automatically once priming has taken place. EVP priming system operates for a few seconds to prime, which makes it almost unnecessary for daily maintenance or changing spare parts within its life cycle.


INSTANT-PRIME® pumps offer dry run protection.

Oil reservoir to lubricate the mechanical seal.

Grease lubricated lip seals

Both these features allow for prolonged “run-dry” periods

Ease of maintenance

It is easy and convenient to remove the vacuum pumps cover to check the diaphragm.

The mechanical seal can be inspected without dismantling the whole unit. The suction cover can easily be removed to inspect the impeller and wear ring.